Jordyn Bochon is an artist and writer currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Originally from Alberta, Jordyn has been living and working in Halifax’s animation and theatre scene for years. An internationally published author and artist, she writes the locally flavoured comic, Welcome to Hellifax, with her partner Tim Carpenter. Previous work includes Gene Day Award nominated Finnegan Strappe and the Claw of the Earth, and The Day After Vday, as well as various contributions to anthologies such as The Secret Loves of Geek Girls (Image), Spera (Archaia), Monstrosity (Alterna), and Comics in Transit (Cloudscape Comics). In addition to her work in comics, you can see her as a costume designer for theatre, as well as a designer and layout artist for animation.

In her free hours she can be found going on hikes, playing D&D, and singing in choirs.

Select Clients include: Archaia Entertainment, Boom! Studios, The Coast, Trace Uganda Non-Profit, Villains Theatre, CBC, Cartoon Network, Amazon Prime, Copernicus Studios, Eastern Horizon Theatre, Xara Choral Theatre, Alterna Press, Image Comics